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The Group Held a Grand 2022 Annual Work Summary and 2023 Annual Mobilization Conference

2023-02-09 Views:0

 “The spring breeze echoes like joking with people, and the steaming clouds promise a bumper year.” On the morning of February 2, 2023, Ethiopia time, West International Holding Group's 2022 annual work summary and 2023 annual mobilization conference was grandly held in the lobby on the G floor of the group headquarters. The meeting comprehensively summarized the achievements of the 2022 work, arranged various work tasks of the group in the new year, and commended the advanced units and individuals in 2022. Zhang Jimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of West China Cement(WCC), Cao Jianshun, CEO of WCC, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Wang Fayin, Chairman and CEO of WIH Group, Zhang Peng and Wang Feng, vice presidents, Zhao Xiao, CEO Assistant and Director of Finance Department, Li Xianjun, CEO Assistant and Director of Production and Technology Department, and other leaders attended the on-site meeting. Vice President Chu Yufeng and other leaders attended the meeting via video at the WCC sub-venue. More than 300 relevant leaders from all units of the group attended the meeting, it was hosted by Vice President Wang Feng.

At the meeting, Chairman and CEO Wang Fayin was the first to make a theme report entitled "Firm strategic Confidence, Gather Striving Force, Unite and Lead All Cadres and Employees to Fulfill the Development Mission with Practical Actions". The report systematically reviewed the production and operation work in 2022, and arranged and deployed key tasks in 2023.

The report pointed out that 2022 is a crucial year for the overseas expansion of WIH Group, under the strong leadership of Chairman Zhang, the group company forged ahead in unity, carried forward the past and ushered in the future, guided by the general tone of work-style construction and work under the new situation, and adhered to integrity and innovation, management cadres at all levels worked hard and moved forward courageously and achieved hard-won good results in various tasks, in this respect,  the Group's African strategic scale has been initially formed.

The report systematically summarized the key work in 2022 from seven aspects, including industrial layout, operation management, service guidance, target guidance, talent guidance, standard guidance and culture guidance; analyzed the main problems in the previous year's work from eight aspects; made a comprehensive deployment for the 2023 business objectives and project construction work, and finally put forward the work requirements. The meeting called on all cadres and employees of the group to strengthen their confidence, lift their spirit, overcome difficulties, work hard, and stick closely to the code of conduct of “Four stresses and four strengthening" and “Immerse himself in hard work not talk emptily, keep a low profile, pragmatic and without flaunting” proposed by Chairman Zhang, to ensure the implementation of the strategic goals of WIH Group, and strive to comprehensively improve the international management level of  WIH Group.

At the meeting, Vice President Chu Yufeng announced the decision on the work division of Group leaders, and Vice President Zhang Peng read out “the Decision on Commendation of Advanced Units, Advanced Individuals and QC Achievements”, and commended advanced units, groups and individuals that have made outstanding contributions at various levels of operation and management, project construction, and QC achievements in 2022. Cheng Jiangyuan, General Manager of the trading company, and Chen Xu of Dahu Company made speeches as representatives of advanced units and advanced individuals respectively.

Then, Zhang Binze, the Director of Human Resources, announced the appointment of personnel and “WIH Group's decision on commending and rewarding Chinese employees who have worked overseas for 2 years and above”. Vice President Wang Feng read out the "2023 Target Responsibility Letter", and Chairman and CEO Wang Fayin signed the Target Responsibility Letter with each department and the General Manager of the company.

At the meeting, Cao Jianshun delivered an important speech. He made emphasis on aspects of capital and financial management, safety management, production and operation management, and human resource management etc.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhang made an important speech. He affirmed the achievements of WIH Group in all aspects in 2022, but also pointed out the shortcomings in the work.

The chairman pointed out that the epidemic has had a great impact in the past three years, and all cadres and employees of WIH had overcome great difficulties, made great efforts, and achieved great results. The project construction, production and operation have been improved as a whole. On behalf of the WCC Board of Directors, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and employees. The Chairman stressed that in 2022, the cadre team of WIH has been greatly improved, remarkable progress has been made in the management level, and significant progress has been made in internationalization strategic planning, but we must always keep a clear head and not be blindly optimistic. The management foundation is not yet solid, and we must be aware of shortcomings and weak links.

The chairman requested that firstly, the cadre team should be strengthened. People are the first element of enterprise development. The main problem in 2023 is human resources. We must pay attention to talent training, establish a training mechanism, and make sure that measures are tailored to local conditions and targeted. The second is to do a good job in risk prevention. Raising the awareness of prevention, at the same time improving the prevention measures, establishing a risk prevention system and early warning mechanism, and letting all employees have the awareness of risk prevention. All cadres and employees must be full of confidence and hope, work hard, think and work in one direction, resolutely support the company's strategic decision-making, and strive to make greater contributions.

“Actively participate in the game, hold your chest up and shoulder the responsibilities, and only then can you achieve your goals and reap success.” 2023 has already started, the goals and responsibilities have been clarified, and the measures have been consolidated. The Whole Group must establish the belief and confidence in winning. We firmly believe that in 2023, WIH people will walk into the spring with the pace of struggle and embrace the fragrance of international strategic development with passionate dreams! (Group Office Chen Hongkui)