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The group grandly held the 2021 annual work summary and 2022 annual mobilization meeting

2022-02-24 Views:0

Dedicated to planning for development, despite all the difficulties and perseverance. On the morning of February 11, Ethiopia time, the 2021 annual work summary and 2022 annual mobilization meeting of Western International Holdings Group was grandly held at the headquarters of the group . Advanced units and individuals in 2021 will be commended. Zhang Jimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Western Cement, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Leaders such as President Wang Fayin, Vice Presidents Liu Jianjun and Chu Yufeng of Western Control Group attended the meeting; relevant leaders of various units of the Group attended the meeting. A total of more than 300 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Liu Jianjun.

At the meeting, Group President Wang Fayin first made the "2021 Annual Work Summary Report of Western Control Group". The report systematically reviews the production and operation work in 2021 , and arranges and deploys key tasks in 2022 .

The report pointed out that in the face of the epidemic and changes in the political and economic situation in Africa and other countries in 2021 , all Western Control staff will go against the epidemic, unite and work hard, under the correct leadership of the Western Cement Board of Directors with Chairman Zhang at the core, " Strengthen the foundation, prevent risks, and accelerate development " as the guiding ideology, take the construction of the " Four Stresses and Four Strengthening " as the starting point, accelerate the implementation of the strategic layout as the main line, vigorously promote the project construction, pay close attention to the production and operation, and strengthen the basic management improvement. , a number of major projects have made breakthroughs, the functional departments of the group have been adjusted in a timely manner, the main responsibilities of each company have been gradually consolidated, and the strategic layout of the group has begun to take shape.

The report summarizes the key work systems in 2021 from nine aspects, including work style and culture, team building, financial management, cooperation and communication, and project construction , and analyzes the main problems in the annual work from seven aspects, aiming at the business goals and priorities in 2022 . The work is deployed, and finally five-point annual work requirements are put forward.

In the second meeting of the meeting, Vice President Liu Jianjun read out the " Decision on the Commendation of Advanced Units, Advanced Individuals and QC Achievements of Western Control Group in 2021 ", and made outstanding contributions to various aspects of operation management, project construction, QC achievements in 2021. Advanced Units, departments and individuals were commended. Wang Feng, assistant to the president and general manager of the Mozambique region, and Xie Yuwen, the business department of the group office, delivered speeches respectively as representatives of advanced units and individuals.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhang made an important speech. He affirmed the achievements of Western Control Group in all aspects in 2021 , and also pointed out the shortcomings. The chairman emphasized that the focus of work in 2022 is to focus on task orientation, learn from past experience, and give full play to the technical and management advantages of Western Control Group. All companies and sectors must pay close attention to assessment indicators, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and seek benefits from management; The second is to keep an eye on the progress of the project construction and ensure the construction period according to the established target plan. The main focus of work in 2022 is still work style and work efficiency. Leaders at all levels of the company should attach importance to fulfilling social responsibilities, do a good job in risk prevention, and adjust their thinking as soon as possible. In 2022 , we will face various domestic and international challenges. To speed up the pace of strategic layout and do a good job in project construction, all cadres and employees must do their own work, support the company's strategy, and do a good job of implementation is the key to the work.

At the meeting, Qu Shuanhu, assistant to the president of the group, read out the " 2022 Target Responsibility Letter", and President Wang Fayin signed the target responsibility letter with the general managers of each company.

Everything in the past is a prologue; facing the future, it will live up to its youth. 2022 has already started, the goals have been determined, the responsibilities have been detailed, and the measures have been consolidated. The whole group must establish the belief and confidence of winning, support each other, interact positively, and create a work of " being able to do things, want to do things, and achieve things " . Atmosphere, and jointly promote the international business of Western Control Group to break through the waves on the new channel! (Chen Hongkui, Group Office )