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The group held the 2022 annual work style construction conference

2022-02-14 Views:0

In order to further accelerate the promotion of the Group's overseas strategic layout, thoroughly implement the work guiding ideology of " Strengthening the Foundation, Prevent Risks, and Accelerate Development " proposed by Chairman Zhang , and deepen the work style construction activities, on the morning of February 12, Ethiopia time, Western International Holding Group The 2022 annual work style construction conference was grandly held at the group headquarters. Zhang Jimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Western Cement, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Leaders such as President Wang Fayin and Vice President Liu Jianjun of Western Control Group attended the meeting, and cadres above the director level of the functional departments of the group and workshops of each company attended the meeting. The meeting took the form of " on-site + video conference " and was chaired by Vice President Liu Jianjun.

In the first item of the meeting, Qu Shuanhu, assistant to the president, read out the "Working Style Construction Plan of Western Control Group". The plan makes detailed arrangements and requirements for the work style construction activities in 2022 in terms of activity objectives, implementation steps and work requirements. All cadres are required to adhere to the " four lectures and four enhancements " as the action criteria for management cadres to carry out various tasks, persistently promote the construction of work style to achieve substantial results, and fully implement the management cadres' work discipline, organizational concept, work efficiency and self-discipline ability. Continuous improvement, Create a team of management cadres with pure ideological style, tough work style, comprehensive quality, and superb business skills to help the enterprise achieve its strategic goals.

At the meeting, Group President Wang Fayin made an emphasis on the 2022 work style construction activities. He pointed out that the purpose and significance of holding a special meeting on work style construction requires all the cadres of the group to seriously reflect on the existing problems, sum up experience and lessons, and achieve a high degree of consistency between goals , thoughts and actions . overall goal. He emphasized that the meeting clarified the overall requirements, implementation steps, and quantitative assessment of work style construction. In order to realize the international development strategy, all cadres should strengthen self-discipline in terms of ideology and work quality; Comprehensive literacy; use good management tools, lead a good team, discover and continuously cultivate talents; make comprehensive deployment, focus on arrangements, and take the realization of the mission goals in 2022 as an important mission; correctly evaluate and understand international business, keep learning, and improve and control international business The ability and level of enterprise development.

At the meeting, Chairman Zhang commented on the main problems existing in the work in 2021 , and put forward requirements for the work style construction in 2022. First, we must change and improve our ideological understanding, learn from past experience and lessons, and constantly work hard and make solid progress in ideological work. Work style construction; second, work style should be changed. The problem of style is mainly a problem of people and attitude. It is necessary to effectively implement the " four emphasis and four strengthening " in the work; the third is to target tasks, the functional departments and companies of the group. It is necessary to decompose tasks and combine style construction with work goals. All are carefully planned for the task, take measures to find a way, and do a good job in the management work. The chairman finally encouraged all the leading cadres of the group to strengthen their confidence and work together to promote the internationalization strategy of the group.

Vice President Liu Jianjun finally further clarified the work requirements. He asked all staff to pay attention to this meeting and resolutely implement the group's requirements. All units of the group should organize a special meeting on style construction to further consolidate the annual target responsibility.

Bravely take on the new mission, work hard and set off again. The style is regular and the people are united, and the career is prosperous when the people are united. The construction of work style is related to the rapid advancement of the company's development strategy, which is forced by the situation and linked to the mission. The purpose of this meeting is to further transform the achievements of work style construction into the driving force for the rapid development of the group. The internationalization strategy pursues steady progress and healthy development. (Chen Hongkui, Group Office )