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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali Visited Lemi Project Department

2022-05-02 Views:0

On the morning of April 29th, Ethiopian time, with fresh rain and colorful flags, the project site of Lemi Industrial Park of National Cement Sc in Amhara State was bustling with activity, and the construction site was a busy scene. At 10:00 in the morning, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali visited the project of the National Cement Lemi Industrial Park to express solicitude and inspected the construction of the industrial park project on the spot. Former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, Minister of Mines Takele Uma Banti, Chairman of East Africa Holding Group Buzuayehu Tadele, President of West International Holding Wang Fayin, CFO and Vice President of West China Cement Chu Yufeng, and General Manager of Sinoma International Ethiopia Branch Cheng Jin warmly received. 

At the project construction site, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali first listened to the general report of the project by Wang Fayin, President of the Group. President Wang Fayin said that Ethiopia's good investment environment and huge market potential are important factors for the group to set up its headquarters in Addis Ababa and actively participate in the economic construction of Ethiopia. West International Holding, together with East Africa Holding, actively leverages the management and capital advantages of a listed company, and promises to adhere to the concept of "green, environmental protection, energy saving, and intelligence", seize the good market opportunities in Ethiopia, accelerate project construction, and build a world-class cement production line on schedule, and give back to the Ethiopian people with good benefits.

After the on-site inspection, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali delivered an important speech. He expressed his gratitude to all the Chinese and Ethiopian staff in the Lemi Industrial Park who participated in the project construction, and also expressed his appreciation for the vision of West International Holding and East Africa Holding Group as investors. He said that the site selection of the Lemi project is very good, the scale is very large, and it meets the requirements of Ethiopia's national development. Therefore, this is a national project, a project of the Ethiopian people. As an important building material, cement has a very large demand in the Ethiopian market and neighboring countries. The Prime Minister put forward specific requirements for the construction of the project. The first, the scale of the project, it is necessary to build a large project, the current planning and scale are to meet the requirements of the government. The second, the quality of the project, must pay full attention to the project construction quality, in line with national standards, to ensure the completion of high-quality projects Third, the project schedule, the national development needs cement, to speed up the construction schedule, requiring the completion of the project within the planning time. Finally, the Prime Minister pointed out that all problems in Ethiopia can only be solved through hard work so that any other disputes and obstacles can be avoided, and asked us to do construction wholeheartedly, and all government departments at all levels will strongly support and help the project to be completed as soon as possible, and work together for the prosperity of Ethiopia. At the same time, the Prime Minister affirmed the cooperation between West International Holding and East Africa Holding, and that Chairman Buzuayehu Tadele is a very good investor, and also hoped that West International Holding would join hands with East Africa Holdings to invest in other African countries.

The visit of Prime Minister Abiy is a great recognition and support for the National Cement Lemi Building Materials Industrial Park project, which not only reflects the care and attention of the state leaders of Ethiopia to the project, but also greatly boosts and encourages the morale of all the Chinese and Ethiopia employees involved in the construction of the project. As a key project, the Prime Minister especially qualified the project as a "national project", which is of great significance. Subsequently, West International Holding and East Africa Holding will further overcome difficulties and cooperate sincerely to push forward the project construction speed, so as to build Lemi Industrial Park into a high-quality benchmark project as soon as possible and lay a solid foundation for the cooperation of Dire Dawa project.

Lemi Industrial Park project manager Liu Jisheng, directors of the group's functional departments and other Ethiopia leaders accompanied the inspection. More than 300 people including Ethiopian government leaders, guests, and local Ethiopian media attended the event. (General Office of the Group, Chen Hongkui)