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New Year's congratulatory letter

2022-01-30 Views:0

All cadres and employees of WIH and colleagues from all walks of life:

Happy New Year!

"The mountain is as imposing as a tiger, and the color of spring warms people's hearts." On the occasion of the spring rejuvenation to the good earth, I would like to represent the management committee of WIH to all sectors of society, friends at home and abroad who have always cared about and supported the company's development. All hard-working cadres, employees and family members of the WIH would like to extend their heartfelt thanks, sincere greetings and New Year wishes!  

The road is not dangerous, there is no way to know Ma Liang, the responsibility is not heavy, and there is no way to know the virtues of people. Looking back on 2021 , we will fight against the epidemic together in the same boat, and strive for progress and development. In the face of the severe and complex external environment and the unfavorable factors of the global epidemic of the new crown epidemic, all cadres and employees closely follow the board of directors of WCC and WIH with Chairman Zhang Jimin as the core. In the decision-making and deployment of the Group's management committee, it has taken risks, faced risks without fear, and worked together to highlight the barriers at every level, and has achieved remarkable achievements one after another. The internationalization strategy of WIH has been gradually implemented. Manatee Cement  and Hongxing Glass have all been put into operation. Dahu Cement and Angola Gypsum Board are about to start production. Ethiopia and other projects are in full swing, and new industrial sectors such as real estate and logistics are gradually being built. We will continue to promote the strategic layout this year, and in the future, WIH will reach a scale of 10 billion.

Time pays off for the strugglers, and time favors the dream chasers. In 2022 , the world will still face macroeconomic imbalances, the normalized prevention and control of the new epidemic, and the uncertainty of the political situation in individual regions. Enterprise development will face many difficulties and challenges, but the general trend of global development is gradually improving, and the development of African economies. Potential, all confirm that the strategic layout of WIH is correct, we must maintain strategic focus and patience. In the new year, WIH will continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of "Strengthening the Foundation, Preventing Risks, and Accelerating Development" proposed by Chairman Zhang. Good management of efficiency, process and cost will lay a solid foundation for the future development of WIH.

The road is blocked and long, and keep going and you'll get there; If you keep going, you can expect the future. 2022 will be a year of inheriting dreams and unremitting pursuit; Time waits for no man. 2022 will be a year to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future and seize opportunities; With thousands of sails competing and standing at the top, 2022 will be a year of hard work and grand plans. It is hoped that all sectors of society, friends at home and abroad, and all WIH cadres, employees and families will continue to support the development of the group's overseas business. In the new year, let's unite as one, work together, work hard and tirelessly, move forward towards higher and further goals with a broader vision and more persistent efforts, and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint for the international development of WIH group.

The year of the ox has passed and the year of the tiger has come with blessings. I sincerely wish you all good health, smooth work, a happy family, all the best in the new year, and the Year of the Tiger auspicious!

West International Holding Limited

President: Wang Fayin

January 30, 2022