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SLN-Benguela Plasterboard Production Line Project
SLN-Fábrica de Cimento & Clinker de Benguela, SA, with a share capital of one million dollars, is an Angolan Chinese joint venture controlled by a subsidiary 100% owned by West China Cement Limited, namely West International Holding Limited. SLN is temporarily headquartered at Rua Joaquim Kapango, N°59 R/C.Luanda and is building a construction gypsum production line factory with an annual production capacity of 400 thousand tons. paper coated gypsum with an annual production capacity of 2*30 million square meters, located in Catumbela Municipality, Benguela Province. Upon completion and commissioning of the first phase of the project, the annual production capacity will be 50 thousand tons of building plaster, 28 million square meters of paper-coated plasterboard, 2 million square meters of laminated plaster and 10 thousand tons of light steel keel. putting an end to the history of gypsum boards imported into Angola and becoming the first local manufacturer of gypsum boards. as well as South West Africa's largest modern gypsum products company. With advanced production technology, equipment and management, and with the convenient transportation of the Benguela Railway and the Port of Lobito, the company will be able to provide high quality and low cost gypsum board products and other gypsum derivations for Angola and neighboring countries.

STANDARD GYPSUM BOARD---Lightweight,Scope of application,Common partition wall,Common veneer wall, ceiling
MOISTURE- RESISTANT GYPSUM BOARD---For humid environments ,Scope of application,Kitchen, toilet, bathroom ,Temporary building
FIRE-RESISTANT GYPSUM BOARD ---High fire performance, Scope of application,Fire exit,Ceiling systems and partitions with requirements,high-performance fire-fighting
PVC COATED GYPSUM BOARD---Moisture-proof and fireproof, easy to install, washable, easy to clean, three-dimensional decorative effect, fresh and beautiful; Scope of application: high-end office buildings, hotels, government buildings, etc

Product advantages
Strong nail-pull resistance, excellent anti-sinking performance
Adopt foaming technology to produce uniform and fine foam to achieve higher strength
Smaller mass per unit area, lighter and much more labor saving
Easier to install、cut and fold, with smooth edges and less fallen dust


Thickness6.5mm 9.0mm 9.5mm,12mm,12.5mm 15mm


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The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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