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Anda (Mozambique) International Logistics Co., Ltd. 


Introduction to the Company: 
Anda(Mozambique) International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of West International Holding Limited, a subsidiary of West China Cement, a Hong Kong-listed company. At present, there are more than 120 employees. It owns more than 110 goods vehicles of various models in Africa, and its business covers Mozambique and surrounding countries and regions. Besides, the company has a professional logistics management team that established long-term and extensive cooperative relations and strategic cooperative partnerships with carriers in relevant African countries. 

Scope of Business: 
Mainly based on raw materials, cement, aggregate, and ash carrier, taking on a variety of bulk materials, agricultural products, minerals and other transportation resources. Centered on existing conduct projects, it gradually spreads and extends to neighboring countries. By building a complete logistics transportation network platform, it strives to provide our customers with safe, convenient, efficient transportation services. 

Transportation capacity: 
The company first phase investment is USD 15 million, with 110 mainstream cargo transport vehicles, specializing in Mozambique and the surrounding countries and regions of the cargo transport services. The average annual output of single vehicle is 9,000 tons, and the annual operation capacity is 1.5 million tons/km. The annual transport capacity of the company is 1 million tons, and the annual transshipment volume is 165 million tons/km. The company, as a supply chain integration of professional transportation enterprises, has a professional transportation business team.

Logistics system platform: 
Our company is equipped with leading information systems, which is viewable in the whole course. In this way, you can keep track of the exact progress of each order. Rigorous process system can completely eradicate mistakes or accidents institutionally. Perfect emergency handling mechanism and guarantee system can resolve losses in time. 

Logistics service: 
Professional service team and flexible cooperation mode and new model of personalized service can give customers a new logistics service experience. 

Contact ways:
Business line: +258 21362691
Business E-mail: dgc_sales@westchinacement.cn
Address:  Localidade de Mudada, Posto Administrativo de Bela Vista, distrito de Matutuine, província de Maputo.


Scope of service: 
General logistics, special logistics, (container), shipping agency, warehouse management services, cargo handling, international land logistics agent, automobile and lubricants sales, goods and technology import and export services, and fuel depots and filling stations.   

Contact number:
+243 973777776