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Anjia Holding Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the Company: 

Anjia Holding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of West International Holding Co., Ltd., was established in April 2020 with a registered capital of USD 10 million. The company has developed so far. It set up Anjia Construction (Mozambique) Co., Ltd. in the African region, Anjia Construction (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Co., Ltd. The businesses of the company cover prefabricated building research and development, design, production, construction, and sales, as well as green products, concrete, precast components and other products. 

Assembly of prefabricated room and production of supporting products are the main businesses of the company. At present, the professional and systematic production line integrating research and development, design, production of fabricating prefabricated room have been formed. It realized specialization and systematization with "green design + intelligent manufacturing + professional construction" integrated prefabricated housing solutions in terms of assembling construction. 

The company inherits the business credo of "people first, high quality, continuous innovation, and catching up with and surpassing first-class products", always regards product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, based upon leading technology, professional team, automatic, and standardized production line. With information-based management, standardized design, personalized customization, production-oriented production and assembly-oriented construction as the complete production chain, the company harbors the greatest energy to build Africa's prefabricated building industry demonstration base and realize the transformation of the industrial chain to the high-end value.

Closely cooperative companies:
Ethiopia: East Africa Holding Co., Ltd.
Mozambique: Dugongo Cimentos, S.A. of Mozambique
Namibia: Whale Rock Cement Co., Ltd.
The Republic of Congo: FORSPAK International Congo Co., Ltd.
The Democratic Republic of Congo: GCK Co., Ltd.
Ivory Coast: Prestige Cement Co., Ltd.

Company product: 
Houses of peace and contentment
Single-layer and luxury villa
Multi-storey apartment

Corporate vision: 
The largest home construction company in Africa
It was planned in 2021 that 15 prefabricated integrated building bases will be built in the following 11 countries, with an annual production capacity of 540,000 m2. 

Anjia Construction (Mozambique) Co., Ltd. 
Address: Mudada, Bellavista Administrative District, Matuthini County, Maputo Province, Mozambique
Telephone: +258 874088888
Email: anjiamoz@pm.me